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For Family Doctors and Other Referrals Sources:

Referral Sources
I have been an individual, couple, family and group counsellor working with many patient populations and many categories of disorder. I work predominantly with teenagers and adults including the elderly. I am relatively new to the Barrie community and welcome the chance to discuss my work with doctors, nurses, diabetes educators, veterinarians, churches, synagogues, community groups and any groups interested in learning about a service I provide, or wanting some specific help or consultation for their social or professional group. I am always happy to give relevant presentations.

Talk Therapy
Most of the work I do is talking to people and listening to them. Often the most important component of this work isn't about me, it's about what happens when people start to listen to themselves.

Dream Analysis
In looking at dreams, we can learn what lies beneath and beyond our conscious understanding. For example, you may believe you have no reason to be angry, but night after night you dream of violent encounters. Or perhaps, consciously, you want to do exactly what is expected of you. At night, the symbols in your dreams may give you a completely different message and because they are your dreams, only you know when an interpretation of them "clicks" and is true for you.  You are being given guidance but your unconscious, not the beliefs of anyone else, is the source.

Art Therapy
Working with art, either by chossing colours and symbols or by drawing and painting, is another way for you to learn about what's happening inside you without the filter of what you think should be happening. It's almost like getting a chance to look at a colour picture of what your thought and feelings are like at the exact moment in which you are creating.  it takes no artistic talent, just some curiousity.

Music Therapy
Working with music quietly breathing and allowing the music to guide your thoughts and images can also be a non-invasive way of allowing you to learn more about yourself. And making sound often allows you to hear yourself when words won't work.


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